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Mar 16, 2012

The first story this week is out of New York-NYC Woman Dies After Getting Trapped Inside Clothing Drop Box. Melissa, who was 51 years old, climbed into the clothing drop box on Staten Island. When the metal door closed behind her, she suffocated to death. It is alleged that she was attempting to steal some of the donated clothes but since she is dead, we will never know for sure. Their are plenty of thrift stores in New York where good clothes can be had cheap. Cheap is always better than dead.

Speaking of strange places to climb into, Second Place this week goes to this headline out of Atlanta- Police: Burglary Suspect Found Hiding in Trash Truck. The stylishly dressed suspect was in custody for breaking into a local high school. While enroute to the jail, he somhow managed to get out of the school resource officer’s car and fled on foot. Dekalb Police came to the rescue and quickly set up a perimiter. Police K-9s were deployed and tracked the suspect to a garbage truck. When the suspect refused to come out (a bad move) the K-9 was sent in. Police dogs love nothing better than being told to go arrest someone. Of course, they arrest the bad guys with their teeth and this suspect had to be treated for dog bites. Remember, most dogs love digging through trash. A suspect that smelled like trash was that K-9’s best life!

It was really tough to pick a winner this week. There was so much craziness to sift through. This weeks winners from Florida certainly do deserve it the trophy! Cop: Woman, 22, Battered Live-In Boyfriend, 74. Now I know that looking at these pictures it is hard to imagine that Sierra and Marcos could have anything but bliss in their relationship. For some reason, Sierra had finally decided to end it with Marcos, who is only 52 years older than she is, and was moving her stuff out. Marcos tried to stop her and she shoved him, knocking him down.
Witnesses observed the confrontation and Sierra was arrested for Domestic Violence. Because of Marcos’ age, however, she was also charged with Elder Abuse. Believe it or not, both of these guys have extensive criminal records. Sierra has a history of drug arrests, theft and fighting the police. Marcos is actually out of jail on bond for Exploitation of an Elderly Person and Theft from an Elderly Person. Whether you call it Karma or see life through the eyes of Scripture, we do reap what we sow!

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