Story of the Week

Jul 22, 2011

Animal stories were big news this week. Third Place goes to this one from South Africa. How about this for a fun afternoon? Great White Shark Jumps Into Research Boat in South Africa. The 1100 pound shark jumped into the boat and started thrashing around, destroying the fuel line. The boat had to be towed back into the harbor. The shark was then picked up by a crane and released back into the water. These researchers managed to find the one shark in the area that was suicidal or had a learning disability, though. After being released back into the water, it promptly beached itself in shallow water.

The other animal story that got our attention this week and took Second Place was Bear struck, killed near Duluth. Duluth is only about 20 miles from Atlanta. What are bears doing that close to Atlanta? Thankfully, the motorist was not hurt and their car wasn’t severely damaged after running into the 250 pound bear. It used to be all we had to worry about dodging were deer and drunks trying walk home from the bar. Now we can add bears to the mix. Thankfully bears don’t drink.

This weeks Winning Story comes to us out of the UK: No Charge For Homeowner Over Burglar Stabbing. A 59 year old Salford man was confronted by four masked men who had broken into his house in the middle of the night. One of the intruders was armed with a machete. The homeowner armed himself with a knife and during the struggle managed to kill the armed burglar. The other three thugs were later arrested. The UK has very strict gun ownership laws which prohibit law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves. Thankfully, this homeowner was willing to do whatever it took to protect himself and his loved ones. I tip my hat to you, sir!

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