Story of the Week

Aug 6, 2011

Evidently, Dunkin Donuts Stores in New Jersey offer more than just donuts and coffee: Rockaway Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Accused Of Selling Sex During Late Night Shifts. I know that times are hard and everybody needs a few extra bucks but this 29 year old woman was turning tricks while still on the clock at DD. I wonder if the IRS will tax her double?

Second Place goes to this feel good story: Resident Shoots Home Invasion Suspect. You might say, “That is horrible. Someone got shot. How can that be a feel good story?”

I am glad you asked. It is a feel good story because the right person got shot- one of the predators. The majority of the time, it is the innocent victims that are shot and left to die. Here, the resident was prepared to defend himself and his family. In this case, the predator did not die but the bullet to the abdomen and the bullet to the buttocks should make him think hard about his career choice. After he gets out of prison.

And the Story of the Week winner is: Chavez Writes to Embattled Qaddafi Offering Him a ‘Big Hug. It always warms my heart when one crazy, embattled dictator reaches out to another. I have no idea why NATO troops are bombing Libya. Our own crazy, embattled dictator really has not made any kind of case for it. Maybe next week, Castro will reach out to BO and offer him a hug. I think he needs one.

What was your favorite story this past week?

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