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Sep 16, 2011

A Hollywood celebrity earns Third Place this week. Kirstie Alley Goes From Size 14 to Size 4, Loses Equivalent of One Olsen Twin. This isn’t the first time that she has shed a lot of weight but it is the first time that the Olson Twins got drug into it. If you are one of the Olson Twins, how do you feel about getting compared to one of Kirstie Alley’s legs?

Two guys in Colorado picked up the Second Place Ribbon with this headline: Denver Men Accused of Taking Friend’s Corpse on Boys’ Night Out. Robert and Mark went to visit their friend, Jeffrey. The problem was that when they got to his house, he was dead. Those things happen. Instead of getting down in the dumps about it, Robert and Mark loaded their dead friend in the car and took him out for a little fun. They went to a local bar & grill and had a nice dinner with drinks that Jeffrey, very graciously paid for. After dinner the three friends, two living and one dead, went to another bar and again the dead guy’s credit card was used. I am sure that that is way that Jeffrey would have wanted it. The police weren’t so sure and arrested the two live guys.

This week’s winner is an amazing story: Medal of Honor Winner is Reluctant Hero. Marine Sergeant Dakota Meyer won the Nation’s highest award while serving in Afghanistan. He was a Corporal at the time of the incident. He was in a Humvee near the end of a convoy. The front of the convoy was hit by a very powerful and organized ambush. As rocket propelled grenades and bullets pummeled his comrades, air support was requested. When that never materialized, Meyer requested permission to join the fight. Permission was denied. He and another marine eventually took it on themselves to go to their friends’ help.

The marines drove into the center of the ambush providing covering fire so that the friendlies could retreat to cover. Meyer returned five times looking for some of his friends and was eventually wounded himself. At one point, his own Humvee had been so shot up, they had to take another one. Eventually, Corporal Meyer located the bodies of four of his friends. While still under heavy fire, he managed to recover those bodies.

Coporal Meyer was able to kill at least eight enemy fighters. His heroic actions saved the lives of dozens of US and Afghan allies. While not enjoying the spotlight, Meyer agrees to interviews so that he can talk about those who lost their lives. “They are the true heroes,” he said.

God bless you, Sergeant Meyer! Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

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