The Power of a Good Story

May 7, 2018


“The Kingdom of Heaven is like…”

Over and over again, Jesus used simple, everyday stories to communicate eternal truths. In Matthew’s Gospel, especially, Jesus tried to help us get a glimpse of what God’s Kingdom is like by sharing these parables. He didn’t wrap His truths up in religious or technical language. Check out the collection of parables in Matthew 13 and look at the way Jesus communicated. He used language that everyone could understand. He tried to make complicated concepts clear by comparing them to something that His audience could relate to.

For those of us who are communicators, this is still a challenge today. Do we communicate in ways that our audience can understand or are we talking over their heads? This is complicated even more during those opportunities when we get to speak to non-Christians. Do we speak in language and concepts that they can relate to or do we fall back to speaking “Christianese?”

The person who can tell a story will never lack for an audience. When Jesus told stories, His hearers were on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what happened next. Good stories convey content and principles in ways that our hearers will remember for a long time. Even those who have not become Christians yet will find themselves pulled along by powerful stories.

How are your communication skills? What is your story?

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