The “Rumble in the Jungle”

Jun 7, 2016

This fight in 1974 had Muhammad Ali fighting for the Heavyweight Title held by George Foreman. Foreman was undefeated, had devastating knockout power, and had not had an open last longer than two rounds against him in several years. The odds against Ali winning were, in some cases as high as 40-1.

Foreman was younger, stronger, and looked unbeatable. It was just the kind of scenario that Ali loved. He told everyone how he was going to regain his championship. Most reporters just did not think that Ali had any more miracles left.

If the “Thrilla in Manila” showed what a great fighter Ali was, the “Rumble in the Jungle” showed what a great psychologist he was. Ali took charge from the opening bell beating Foreman to the punch and making him look slow. When Foreman would land one of his powerful punches, Ali would just ask him, “Is that all you have?”

Ali let Foreman punch himself out. As the fight progressed, Foreman clearly became tired and frustrated. In round eight, Ali landed a blistering combination that left Foreman on the canvas for a ten count. Ali was the Heavyweight Champion once again. Enjoy the fight!

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