The “Thrilla in Manila”

Jun 6, 2016

With the passing of Muhammad Ali, I will be sharing several special posts this week highlighting some of the greatest moments of his career. If you are not a boxing fan or Muhammad Ali fan, please stay with me. I believe we can learn something from everyone and there is so much we can learn about life, success, defeat, determination, and standing up for what you believe from the Champ.

Ali was the reason that I got into boxing and later into a lifetime study of the martial arts. It all started with this fight from October of 1975. I watched this fight as a 13 year old boy. It was one of the first boxing matches that I ever watched on television. I did not realize at the time that I was witnessing one of the greatest Heavyweight Title Fights of all time. It hooked me on boxing and I started training soon after watching this fight.

I found out later that Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier had fought twice before. In the “Fight of the Century,” Joe Frazier won a unanimous decision over Ali in 1971. Joe Frazier was the Heavyweight Champion of the World at the time and defended his title against Ali. This is still considered a classic fight and one of the best Heavyweight Title Fights ever.

In 1974, the two men had a rematch. Frazier had lost the title to George Foreman. This fight between Ali and Frazier would determine who would fight Foreman for the title. Ali won what appeared to be an easy unanimous decision against Frazier.

Later on in 1974, Muhammad Ali would knock out George Foreman and regain his Heavyweight Title. This would set the stage for the third fight between Ali and Frazier in 1975. Now Ali would be defending the title against Frazier. This fight was an all out war. Both men gave it everything that they had. This fight is two of boxing’s best ever fighting to the best of their ability. I hope you enjoy it.

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