The War is Over- Part Three

May 4, 2012

“Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.”

Whether we fall into the “unrighteous” group, the “self-righteous” group, or somewhere in between, ultimately, we all must come to God in faith and receive His righteousness. Our righteousness will never do. It is His righteousness that brings us to a place of peace with God.

When two nations that have been at war finally sign the armistice papers ending hostilities, they then begin the long process of reestablishing friendly ties. The relationship must be rebuilt. In the Kingdom, however, things are different. Rather than putting us on probation, God is the Father that comes running to greet us when He sees us returning to Him. He has been standing on the front porch everyday, hoping that we would come home. When we do, there is no one more glad than He to see that we have finally made peace with Him.

Have you made peace with God?

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