Trip to Trinidad

Aug 9, 2019

My wife, Annie, just got back a few weeks ago from an amazing ministry trip to Trinidad. I thought you might like to here from here in this post.

“Hi! I’m so excited to tell you about the amazing opportunity I had to speak at a Baptist ladies retreat July 12-14 on the island of Trinidad, located seven miles off the coast of Venezuela! My great friend Stacey Gross had done two missions trips at Kelly Community Bible Church when she was a teenager in the early 90’s. Someone from the church found her on Facebook earlier this year and set up a FaceTime call between her and the pastor, “Rev” Boodram and his wife Shano, who has led a ladies retreat at Victory Heights Church Camp for 39 years!

“She needed a speaker for an upcoming retreat and the Holy Spirit led her to ask Stacey if she would come. Stacey invited me along for moral support and to speak in one of the sessions. We were further blessed to have an anonymous donor pay for our travel and expenses for this missionary trip! God was so kind to use two ordinary friends who love Him to minister to about seventy-five women, ranging in age from seven to their seventies, as the culture there is to bring your daughter and/or granddaughter with you.

“The theme for the conference was “Here am I, send me,” as the ten churches represented are reaching out to their community made up of Hindus, Muslims, and now Catholics from Venezuela who are seeking asylum in Trinidad. The believers that we were with are great evangelists who are concerned for the souls of their neighbors. In fact, the Boodrams have literally gone to every house in their 5000-member community and shared the gospel.

“Stacey and I emphasized the aspect of building a relationship with people as they shared Jesus, and for them to remember that they were worthy to tell the story of the gospel, while others were worthy to hear it, as Jesus demonstrated when he spoke to the Samaritan woman – a very cultural taboo back in His day. The Lord gave Stacey a word for every session of the conference. She led three meetings and I spoke on Saturday morning to an enthusiastic audience. The praise and worship time was lovely, an encouraging balm for these weary mothers, bored teens, and praying grandmothers.

“The feedback was wonderful as we heard over and over how powerful this conference was and how they enjoyed the simple messages that strengthened their desire to speak to relatives, neighbors, and even the new refugees who are bringing crime and prostitution to the island communities. One woman said she had not missed a retreat in over twenty years but that this was the best one ever!

“Stacey and I were truly humbled and blessed to be part of a larger ministry bringing hope and unity to Trinidad. Thank you so much to those of you who pray for us and support our work. We are committed to serving God’s people wherever we can.”

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