Unlocking Revelation- the Video

Nov 29, 2013

David Spell preaching at C3 Curitiba. Willi Goosen was my translator.

A few weeks ago, I spoke at C3 Curitiba on “Unlocking Revelation.” We had just started a new series called, “Apocalypse,” and Pastor Ronald wanted me to provide some context for the Book of Revelation. Revelation is often just viewed as a book about the end times. In reality, this is only one aspect of the what the book talks about.

Revelation is also one of those books that many Christians do not read because they don’t understand it or they find it confusing. What I did during this message was to give some fascinating background material on the author, the Apostle John, and place the book in its historical context. I then gave a number of keys or themes that will help us to unlock the book’s meaning as we read it. I can’t promise that everything in Revelation is going to become crystal clear but it is going to be much easier to understand if you will apply the keys that I give.

Click here to watch the message. My good friend, Willi Goosen was my translator for the evening.

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