What is the Secret of Success?

May 15, 2015


What is the secret to success? Most bookstores have hundreds of titles atttempting to answer this question. Some of the authors focus on setting goals. It is hard to become successful if one cannot set and then reach their goals. Others might approach the idea of becoming successful in the context of our relationships. Successful people did not become successful on their own. There were people that helped them get there. Other people might define success in terms of financial freedom. People who manage their money well have the freedom to do things that other people do not.

While these, and many others that could be mentioned, are valid approaches to success, there is another road that needs to be discussed. Many people have found that one of the primary paths to success is finding a need and meeting it. There are problems in our churches, companies, and society that are waiting to be solved. Leaders in these organizations cannot solve every problem or meet every need. They need people who can come alongside them and help them solve the problems.

When I was a supervisor and then a manager with the police department, I had a very simple policy regarding the problems that people wanted to bring to me to solve. If a subordinate was going to bring me a problem, they had also better bring a solution or two along with them. Of course, there were situations that I had to personally take charge of, but most of the problems that came my way could be handled by the person who had brought it to my attention. The subordinates that came to me with a problem and a couple of well thought out solutions were the subordinates that I did everthing I could to help in the furtherance of their careers.

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