Where are We Going?

Nov 25, 2019


“He went without even knowing where he was going.”

In a chapter that goes into great detail about faith, the writer of Hebrews 11 really shows us the essence of what faith is in this short phrase. This doesn’t even begin to make sense to us today. Why would I go anywhere without knowing where I am going? When we read the story closely, though, we find that what this is referring to was Abraham’s ultimate destination.

In reality, God guided Abraham in stages. The interesting thing about Abraham’s story is that God was not only leading him to a land that He was going to give him, God also made a promise that he and his wife Sarah were going to have a child. This promise came when Abraham was 75 and his wife was 65 years old. From this child, God promised that He was going to make Abraham into a great nation.

These were big promises. God promised Abraham a land, a son, and descendants, “as numerous as the stars in the sky.” For years there was no evidence of any of these promises being fulfilled. God showed up regularly and reaffirmed His promises, but Abraham and Sarah weren’t getting any younger and she was not getting pregnant. The years kept going by and this couple had to have been wondering if God had forgotten them.

Have you ever felt that God has forgotten you? Does God always keep His promises?

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