Why Do They Hate Us? Part Two

Sep 13, 2011

If our friendship with Israel is one of the reasons that the militant Muslims hate us, what should we do? There seem to be many in our country that would quickly throw Israel to the wolves. We have tried to be friends with the Palestinians but they don’t seem like an easy group to be friends with. Sure, they are happy to receive our financial aid but they have pledged to wipe Israel off the map and they are constantly talking about how much they hate the USA, even as they stick out their hand and ask for more aid. Israel is the most stable nation in that region and has shown itself to be a true friend. Why would we ever reject our friends?

Another reason that radical Muslims hate us is that they still see us as a “Christian” nation. The media sure doesn’t talk about Islamic intolerance but there is seldom that a week goes by where Christians are not attacked by Muslims in other parts of the world. These attackers are seldom punished or brought to justice. They know that they could not get away with it in the United States but, that is not to say that it could not happen here in the future.

Maybe I’m just an ugly American. I get tired of hearing how bad we are and seeing our President and Hollywood elites apologizing for our faults. Of course we have faults. Of course we are not perfect. Neither are the Islamic nations that hate us. That is part of being human.

The biggest difference that I see, though is that when the Islamic nation that hates us suffers a natural disaster or terrorist attack, the United States is the first one there with financial aid to help them. When we suffer a natural disaster or terrorist attack, many of these same Muslims are dancing in the streets, laughing at our pain.

What do you think? Am I totally missing the mark? Why do you think that the radical Muslims hate us?

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